Children learn as they play most importantly in play children learn how to learn.
  • Learning through activities & Personal Attention
  • Our Pre-school teaching has been the play ward method
  • Grain confidence
  • Important vocabulary
  • Our institute really having of activities such as role play, virtual games, singing free play and a lot of more with gentle guidance provided by teachers
  • We develop a Childs senses ,character, practical type skills and academic ability
  • We learn mother tongue Gujarati

Numerical Ability Primary

  • We followers G.S.E.B Board
  • Child centered learning
  • Active involvement of students classroom
  • Providing platform for self learning & development
  • Close supervision for slow learners
  • Our classroom stands out as a very dynamic environment where from different background with verifying abilities and personalities are brought together
  • Encouragement to the children to help each other and also to work together
  • Speak effectively

We guide Students five points must

  • We learn to create hypothesis(Give their thoughts and ideas on possible answers)
  • Use books the world around them and the internet to find information(research)
  • Learn how to recognize what is fact and what is opinion
  • Review the data and summarize the main points
  • We use examples from their research to support their arrangement
  • With all those we learn them main subjects and subsidiary subjects as per government Text –books
  • Regular Assessment